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Sparction in Action

Our program allows you to input all of your important data. Sparction tracks each KPI entry and allows you to set goals for each category.

Better Organization

Focus on what's important for you and your business

Set Goals for your Team

Increase accountability of your team

Easy Data Input

Simple and quick entry requires less of your time. 



Start organizing your information in Sparction and feel more at peace with your work load. 

what we can provide

We can help you organize all of your important data. Some of our features include:

  • Access anywhere
  • View trends overtime
  • Set Goals
  • Anyone can enter data
  • Reward employees
  • Employee discussions


What they say

barb luczkowski

Business Owner

Mark’s team was able to come in and analyze my concerns, needs and build a program that compiled the data I needed to best run my agency by keeping my people accountable - freeing me from micro-managing. 

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